Popcorn is a healthy snack and is great on the sofa with a movie, we all know that, but Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? If you have ever tried eating popcorn with your four legged friend around, then you'll know how hard it is to resist sharing and giving them some. Our pug will even stand underneath the microwave and sprint around in circles when he hears the "popping", then and will stare at the bowl - just like the picture above! But can dogs eat popcorn and is it safe for them?
Can Dogs Eat Popcorn?

What Is Popcorn?

Popcorn is a special corn that expands and puffs up when heated. When the corn is heated, pressure builds within the kernel, and a small explosion or "pop" happens, resulting in a light, crunchy snack.

Making popcorn for your dog is easy all you need are some plain kernels and a hot air popping machine like This One. Popcorn takes about 5 minutes to make and is a cheaper alternative to shop brought popcorn which contains preserves and added ingredients.

Is popcorn a healthy treat for dogs?

Plain popcorn is a great treat for dogs because It’s low in calories, quick to make and most of all because dogs love it. It makes a great training treat, too. You can easily use it for teaching your dog commands or tricks because your dog won’t fill up on it. However, it’s best to avoid popcorn that is loaded with butter and salt. Your dog doesn’t really need extra calories or salt. Air-popped popcorn is generally considered healthier than popcorn popped in oil, but don’t worry too much if you need to pop it on the stove. The next time you make some popcorn for yourself, feel free to pop some for your dog, too.
PROs Of Dogs Eating Popcorn
+ Low Calorie
+ Great Training Treat
+ Inexpensive
CONs Of Dogs Eating Popcorn
- Individual kernels could be a chocking hazard
- Salted and flavored popcorn contains preservatives and additives
- High in sodium

Alternatives to giving dogs popcorn

Although plain popcorn can be a great treat when used in moderation, there are better alternatives for your dog in the market. So what can you feed you dog instead of popcorn?
Surprisingly, there are a variety of "popcorn for dogs" treats available. One of the better known treats is called Pupcorn. These guys have created a range of dog friendly flavored popcorn including, cheese, sweet potato and of course peanut butter. Best of all these have be made with your dog in mind so contain less fat, calories and lower sodium content, making them an ideal treat and an alternative giving your dog popcorn.

Can Dogs Eat popcorn?
ANSWER: Yes - But Not Recommended

Plain popcorn itself is not harmful snack for your dog to have. Air-popped popcorn is a healthy and natural treat with high nutritional value, but too much of any human food is never a good thing for your pet. As a owner you should always practice moderation and avoid overfeeding popcorn or any other human food to your dog. Dogs can eat popcorn but you should always look at some of the dog alternatives such as the Pupcorn Popcorn For Dogs range which is far better suited to their digestive system.


So in conclusion to the question - Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? The answer is yes, although you must insure the popcorn is plain and must be unsalted and un-buttered. Popcorn with added butter, sugar, salt or any flavored popcorn is a not recommended. Dogs shouldn’t consume more than 10 mg of sodium per pound of body weight a day. However, many types of microwave/ store brought popcorn contain up to 250 mg of sodium per serving.

So next time you are sitting on the sofa watching a movie, with a bowl of popcorn. You can give your dog some, but make sure the kernels have been removed and that it is plain. Stick to the pain, air-popped variety or if your ever unsure then there are many popcorn for dog alternatives on the market, which are much better suited.