With the UK in the middle of a heatwave and, although it may not last forever, it’s important for dog owners to know how to keep your pug cool and see the signs that your pug is struggling in the hot weather.
The heat can be difficult and unbearable at times to deal with even for us humans and we all have means of cooling ourselves, our furry friends might need a helping hand however.

These are the signs to look out for from your dog – along with some helpful advice on taking the heat off so they can enjoy summer too:

The signs your pug is too hot:

If a dog is unhappy in the heat, they may show the following signs:

  • Heavier panting than usual and sticking their tongue out of their mouth more often.
  • Their tongue and gums may be bright pink or red.They may have a dry and tacky mouth with a mucus-like build up on the tongue.
  • They may lie down more often than usual, breathe more heavily and generally have less energy than normal
  • They may lift their feet awkwardly if the ground is too hot for them on a walk.
  • They may stumble and seem disorientated
  • They might be off of their food
Use a pool to keep your dog cool

How you can help keep your pug cool:

  • Ensure they have access to plenty of fresh water. We stick an ice cube in their bowl to keep the temperature down
  • Avoid taking them out for a walk around midday when it is likely to be hottest and avoid strenuous exercise between 11am and 4pm.
  • Bring water with you when you take your dog out and make sure it’s their normal drinking water so it’s familiar with them – dogs can be fussy with unfamiliar tasting water. Get yourself a pop-up water bowl so your pug will feel right at home.
  • If your dog is too warm, move them somewhere cold and shaded and sponge cool water on their abdomen, armpits and paws
  • Make sure there is always access to a shaded area when out and a cool area when inside, close the curtains and a small fan can really help keep the air moving.
  • Avoid walking your dog on dark surfaces that absorb sunlight or pavements if possible – if too hot, they can blister your dog’s paws, making it very painful for them to walk.
  • Avoid feeding your dog within an hour either side of exercise to avoid bloating and gastrointestinal problems which are more common in hot weather.
  • If your dog is lighter or has less hair, apply sun lotion to their ears
  • Our last tip to keep your dog cool, is to buy a cheap paddling pool for the garden and filled it with cold water, after a bit of encouragement he really enjoyed it

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Things to remember:
  • Like humans, dogs will lose their appetite somewhat in the heat and may eat less. This is not automatically a cause for concern unless there is a significant drop in how much they eat or if they vomit after eating
  • Darker dogs will absorb more sunlight so be aware that if they have black fur, they will feel the heat more. Where lighter (fawn) pugss are more susceptible to sunburn
  • Like humans, dogs may become more irritable in the heat – so don’t annoy them or prod them.
  • Pugs are more likely to suffer in the heat due to their thick fur but this isn’t exhaustive and any dog can feel the heat.
  • AND FINALLY - Never lock a dog in the car, no matter what the weather and don’t leave your dog in the conservatory either as this acts almost like a greenhouse and can get unbearably hot in the sunlight.