With Halloween fast approaching it's time to get your thinking caps on ready for the big day. No, I'm not talking about you but Halloween costumes for your dogs! With Halloween getting bigger and bigger in the US and Europe there are more and more dog Halloween costumes on the market than ever before. What better way to take your dog out on their daily walk dressed as a spider or in a Lion Costume, right?

Here are our top ten favorite costumes which are perfect for your dog this Halloween. 

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Don't have time to read the full article? No Problem. Skip to the bottom of the page, there's a quick summery of our top 10 Halloween costumes for dogs and where you can purchase them from.

 10 - Raptor Dinosaur Halloween costume

Want to scare the local kids? This raptor costume ticks all the boxes. This small dog Halloween costume is perfect, as the onesie style outfit and can be put on in seconds and is light and comfy. 


  • Foam Printed Headpiece
  • Foam Padded Costume with Arms and Tail
  • Costume safe and easy to put on and take off, for a comfortable fit on almost any dog
9 - Star Wars Halloween Costume for Dogs

This is one for all the Star Wars fans out there! Dress your four legged friend up as a Bantha and amaze passers by whilst they carry round a Tusken Raider on their back. 


  • Officially licensed Star Wars costume
  • Bantha jacket with attached rider and headpiece
  • One size fits most medium size dogs, 15 Inch neck to tail and chest 17 Inch around
8 - Lion Halloween Costume

This eye catching costume will win a lot of admiration, especially when wearing this walking on the streets on the 31st October. This lion mare wig is perfect if your dog is of a light, golden or fawn color and will transform your dog into a lion or lioness in no time.


  • Wig is made up of prime quality material which is durable and washable
  • Comes with FREE Tail for added effect
  • Fits around the neck of your puppy with large or medium neck size (from 60cm to 80cm)

Dog Halloween Costumes for small dogs

Small dogs love dressing up and wearing clothes - so finding a Halloween outfit for your dog will be easy. Make sure you know your dog's neck measurements, as this is always need when choosing the correct size costume. As a rule of thumb, always go for the larger option so that your dog isn't restricted and can walk/run around as normal.

Dog Halloween Costumes for large dogs

Finding costumes for larger dogs is a little more tricky but they can still join in the fun. Due to the huge range of sizes in large dogs,  manufactures don't produce a wide variety of sizes. The best bet would be to choose items that aren't all over outfits (Onesie style) and to stick to accessories, hats and clip on accessories. Alternatively you could make your own costume with human clothes, making sure you keep it simple and comfortable for the dog.

7 - Spider Dog Halloween Costume

This outfit went viral in 2014, when a YouTuber dressed their dog in a spider costume pranking people in parks and subways. You can see the video here - it's a must watch. This adaptation is great and will sure have people running up the streets as your dog give chase!

  • With fabric that resembles life-like spider hair
  • 8 bendable legs
  • Adjustable neck and belly straps, transforms pet into enormous arachnid
6 - Despicable Me /Minions Pet Costume

Is your dog your little minion? Now you can turn your four-legged friend into a little yellow creature with this cute Minion dog costume. Why not dress up as Gru and have your pets be your minions and go trick or treating in your neighborhood. 

  • 100% polyester
  • Includes overall jumpsuit w/ yellow tee underneath
  • Letter "G" on back of overalls
  • Headpiece has silver plush goggles attached & minion eyes
  • Official merchandise from Despicable Me 2 by Universal Studios
5 - Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle Dog Halloween Costumes

Need an extra member for your Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtle group? Don't worry your dog will have your back, or shell whilst wearing the TMNT - Raphael Pet Costume. Just make sure they go steady on the Pizza

  • 100% polyester
  • Jumpsuit fastens with Velcro over dog's back
  • Shell fastens to back of suit w/ Velcro & has belt that fastens w/ Velcro around girth
  • Hood fastens with Velcro under chin
4 - Dog Ghostbusters Costume

I ain't afraid of no ghosts! Your dog can now help you remove pesky ghosts from your premises in this Ghostbusters Jumpsuit Pet Costume! A range of sizes available to fit almost any breed of dog.

  • Yellow jacket has Velcro tabs at chest center, a sleeve for each front leg
  • Ghostbusters logo printed on right sleeve & left chest
  • Vinyl proton pack inflates to approximately 12" X 6" X 4"; straps around abdomen & shoulders
  • 100% polyester brushed knit flannel fabric
  • Officially licensed Ghostbusters costume  

Why not Make A Dog Halloween Costume?

All you need is a black cape, an old school tie plus a pair of fancy dress glasses and you'll magically transform your dog into Harry Potter! See, how easy was that!

3 - Sushi Costume for Dogs

Ok, ok this isn't going to scare off the trick or treaters but there was something great about this sushi jumpsuit combo. The best part is that the fancy dress outfit can be used for other occasions and events throughout the year, especially sushi Saturdays! 


  • Sushi costume includes a fun jumpsuit and headband
  • Soft comfortable feel - Machine washable
  • Doubles up for other occasions
2 - Darth Vader Halloween Outfit

Let your dog join the dark side, with this cheeky Darth Vader costume. Watch how they use their mind control at the doors and get extra candy - instantly! This outfit is perfect for pugs and other small dogs and will work even better if you have a black colored one to give the costume, it's full effect. 

  • Printed shirt and matching cap
  • Size Medium fits up to 17-inch chest and 15-inch neck to tail
  • Suggested for Pug, Maltese, Jack Russell Terrier, French Bulldog, Boston Terrier and similar size animals
  • Officially licensed costume by Lucas films Limited, LLC
1 - Pirate Dog Halloween Costume

Give over the treats or walk the plank! This soft, comfortable, slip over outfit will transform your dog into a captain of the seas in seconds. This is a real attention grabber, making it look to onlookers that a mini pirate is running towards them.

  • Contains pirate clothes and a pirate hat
  • Machine washing is allowable
  • Clothes are worn on the dog's forelegs and head
Image Theme Type of Costume Summary Price
Dinosaur All over onesie design

Turn you dog into a dinosaur with this foam printed head piece

Star Wars Jacket with headpiece and rider

Officially licensed Dod Star Wars costume.
Bantha jacket with attached rider and headpiece

Lion Wig

Simple design, perfect for all dog sizes. Add the wig and you'll have your own lion or lioness

Spider Jacket with flexible legs

Turn your 4 legged monster into a 12 legged one, with this spider costume

Minions All over onesie design

Dress up as Gru on Halloween and have all your dogs dressed a little minions

TMNT All over onesie design

Complete your TMNT group outfit with you dog as Raphael. Cowabunga !

Ghostbusters All over onesie design with inflatable backpack

Protect your home or your steet from ghosts this year with your very own ghostbuster

Sushi All over onesie design

Perfect outfit for a Halloween party, this cute outfit will surly win the best costume award

Darth Vader All over onesie design with hat

Dress your dog as Darth Vader and watch how easily he gets people to hand over candy with his mind control

Pirate All over onesie design with hat

Give over the candy or walk the plank! Comes complete with hat.

Think you have found better Dog Halloween Costumes?

Picking our best Halloween costumes for dogs was hard. With so many outfits to choose from, we had to narrow it down to just 10. So if you think you have found better, let us know and well add it to our list. Leave a comment below and a link to the product.

Happy Trick or Treating !