Choosing a pug puppy can be a daunting task for any wannabe owner. Firstly, you should view the pug puppies when they are between six to eight weeks. that approaches you, is confident and is wagging their tail. Although hard to choose one individual in a large litter, pugs that approach you is an early sign that they are well-socialised and confident with new and unfamiliar faces. If you have already brought a puppy without an initial inspection this mean that you will have to work harder during the training stage to overcome their fear of socialising.

Meeting the parents

You should always try to meet the mother of your chosen pug puppy, as this is a great starting point to access the personally and traits that they inherit. learn more about female pugs here

Puppy Checklist - When choosing a pug puppy

  • Eyes - Bright, glistening and clear A puppy with teary eyes may be of poor health, a warm nose is a big no no
  • Nose - Cool and slightly wet/damp
  • Gums - Neither pale or inflamed
  • Ears - Free of wax build up and dirt
  • Body - Smooth, slightly plump but not too skinny
  • Coat - Is free of wax build up and dirt
  • Home - Is free of wax build up and dirt

Whelp ID collars or Puppy ID Bands

Colourful puppy ID bands are designed to help the breeder and potential owners to identify each new born puppy from the next. They are of particular help when littermates are identical looking to each other and have no distinguishing markings or coat colours. Click here to order yours

If your breeder isn't using Coloured ID bands you could always ask them to use yours, to help you decide. This way you can narrow it down by colour making your job much easier.

Narrowing down to two puppies

You should try to narrow your search down to two, you can always ask the breeder to return the rest of the litter back to their mother - so you can really concentrate. Don't feel rushed, take your time and look over the chosen two in closer detail. Don't forget you are under no obligation to have one, if they are not right, for any reason just walk away.