So you want to teach your pug to sit? The sit is one of the easiest and most useful skills to teach. Puppies that sit on command are easier to manage until they learn more self-control and forms the base for more advanced tricks.Keep in mind that pug puppies have short attention spans, like most dogs and training is a about getting a puppy’s full attention for short periods throughout the day. If you haven't read our clicker training basics tutorial yet then, we advise you visit there first then come back to teach your pug to sit.

Why you should teach your pug to sit?

We know you want to get to the good stuff like paw, play dead and dance. But mastering sit will be the best and most useful trick your pug pug will learn, as it forms the base for the more advanced tricks..

How quickly will you be able to teach your pug to sit?

Following our clicker training guide, if your dog knows and responds to the click then they should master this in 2-3 days worth of practice.

Teaching your pug to sit in 5 easy steps

Teach Your Pug To Sit | Step 1

Step 1 - Clicker Training Preparation

We use this clicker as it can be attached to our finger, which makes it easier to use hand movements and leaves your other hand free to hold treats. Make sure the training treats are small or even use their normal dog biscuits. You could also put your Pugs Harness/lead on to avoid them being distracted & running away during your lesson
Teach Your Pug To Sit | Step 2

Step 2 - Giving the command

We use both the hand gesture and the verbal word 'Sit' when teaching a new command. To begin, stand in front of your pug and simply give your pug a few treats, this will get them interested and looking for their next treat. Show them the next treat and with the other hand make a pointing finger and say 'sit'. Your hand should be slightly above their nose between the eyes. (see photo)
Make sure that you say the word passively and that you have the dogs attention.
Teach Your Pug To Sit | Step 3

Step 3 - Don't give in and wait

Don't give in to their puppy dog eyes, they must learn that they only are rewarded when you do as they are being asked. If they start jumping or trying to steal the treat stand up and start again from the beginning.
Teach Your Pug To Sit | Step 4

Step 4 - The perfect sit

Should be where all 4 paws are on the floor and their bottom is touching the floor. If they can sit for a few seconds then great, but if they are finding it difficult you could reward them as soon as their bottom hits the floor.
Teach Your Pug To Sit | Step 5

Step 5 - Click and Reward

Now simply click and reward. Press the clicker and immediately reward the dog with a treat from your other hand. Now repeat the process again from step 2 until your dog understands and improves. Practice this for 3-4 minutes, 3 times a day and your puppy will soon master sit. Ideally if you can teach your pug to sit for 5-10 seconds before handing over a treat this will put them in great shape for the 'wait' command.
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Teaching your pug to sit is hard work, so less is more
When teaching any new command, it's important to have your dog's attention and you lose their attention you should start from the beginning. Dogs love learning and they will be wanting more. If your dog runs away from you or is more distracted by others during a clicker training session, you know you’ve done too much. Clicker training and learning a new command is tough and can tire out some dogs, so little and often is best. Try teaching them during the ad breaks of a TV show in the evenings or whilst your making a cup of tea.
Practice and next steps
Practice this daily for 2 weeks and your Pug will learn how to sit on command. Firstly using the technique above, then secondly sitting while you hold your hand above their nose (without a treat). Finally, moving on to by voice command only.
Teach your pug to sit

Top Tips

Above all, practice patience, and don’t be too hard on yourself or your dog! We all learn at different rates. Remember that all of the time and patience you put in now will help the relationship and connection you have with your pug for years to come!