Tails.com - Our Honest Review After 9 Months

Roy was brought up on Iams puppy food from weaning and after speaking to a fellow pug owner she recommended Tails.com to us. Here is our Tails.com dog food review after 9 months use. We look at the company, how it works, pricing and the pros and cons and why we think it is the best dog food for your dog.

Tails breaks the norm when it comes to dog food, with their recurring subscription service and online nutritional consultation - this is the future of dog food.

Tails.com Dog Food - Company Overview

Tails begain as an idea in 2013, where they set out to create a better, smarter and just plain simpler way to feed our dogs. Following a years worth of extensive researching, trialing and formulating, Tails.com was officially launched in the summer of 2014. They describe their company as:

A service that allows every single dog to have their own unique, freshly-blended food that is as individual as they are and that gives their owners the reassurance that they’re doing the best for their dog in a way that won’t break the bank. - Tails.com About Us Page

How Tails.com Works

The website is very simple & easy to use. After creating an account and selecting their 14-day Free Trial Offer you can be checked out in as little as 5-8 minutes. You have to simply go through a few steps, entering all your dog’s information such as breed, age, weight, physical activity. We have been with Tails.com for the last 9 Months and have really seen an improvement in his waistline and in our pockets. For this Tails.com Dog Food Review, we have entered our pug's information again to show how easy it can be.

Once you have completed all the steps, you are shown a full breakdown of their suggested package - Including, what the food will contain, the nutritional information and why it’s tailored to their needs. Then sit back and wait for the first food box to be delivered to your door – it really is that easy!

Ordering Our First Delivery - Tails.com Dog Food Review Of Our First Order

Tails website aims to find you  the perfect blend of dry food from of over 1,000,000 possibilities to work out the ideal dog food for your dog. There are 11 steps to complete, which sounds long but only took us 2 or 3 minutes to complete. The Tails system looks at the following 11 items/factors:

Tails.com Website Overview
  1. Dog's Name - This will be printed on the packet and you can add more than one dog. Meaning you can tell the difference when two arrive in the post.
  2. Breed Of Dog - Select if your dog is a crossbreed or pure and select your dog's breed from the drop down menu
  3. Age & Gender - Let Tails know how old your dog is and their gender, this is a vital part of the calculation and algorithm to work out the perfect diet.
  4. Weight & Body Condition - Is your pooch overweight? Or just about right? You can adjust the slider between 5 different body conditions and weight settings
  5. Activity Level - Let them know how regularly your dog is walked, this usually depends on the dog's breed and fitness levels
  6. Health Issues - Does your dog suffer any health issues? Tick all that apply
  7. Current Dog Food - This is key to help them work out a formula and new food introduction schedule.
  8. Ingredients To Avoid - Does your dog suffer from allergies or dislikes certain food types? Let them know and they will avoid using it in the recipe. 
  9. Favourite Flavor or Meat - Whither they love chicken, pork or really don't care what they eat, select their favorite flavors.
  10. Mixing With Other Food - Will you be mixing Tails food with other wet or canned food? They will adjust the portion size accordingly
  11. Treats & Scraps - Lastly, does your dog have any treats, chews or "titbits" throughout the day?

What’s inside the box?

Inside every starter pack you receive:

  • Custom blended dry dog food 
  • Perfect Portion Scoop
  • Menu card with a breakdown of their feeding plan and daily portion size
  • Welcome Guide

Packaging and branding

Personally I love the branding, from the cardboard outer to the personalised dog food bags - they look and feel professional. They add your dog's name to the food back and welcome leaflets and as a little extra gift in December, they included 2 sheets of paw print wrapping paper.

Tails.com Packaging Review
Tails.com Packaging Review 2
Tails.com Packaging Review 3

Personalised Dog Food Scoop

In your Free trial pack, there is a adjustable scoop that has 8 different settings for different amounts of food. The scoop is flat packed and assembles easily, in just three steps. Your welcome pack will let you know which setting to to set the dog scoop to - Roy's is 3C and he gets 2 scoops each day. Simply slide the tabs into the the correct letter and number and your're all set. You can always order replacements on their site, if it ever gets lost or damaged.

Tails.com-Review Scoop
Tails.com Review Scoop2

Food Delivery and Email Alerts

Tails deliver your food by courier once a month, on an ongoing basis. Benefits of this, is that the money is debited from your account, your dog never runs out of food and you are getting the best nutrition for your pooch pal.

Before your next delivery is shipped, Tails email you to say they are preparing your dog’s food. The email is great as you can delay the shipping if they has some food left over or perhaps add additional items or speed up the delivery.

Adding Wet Food & Treats To Your Delivery

Adding treats or wet dog food to your next order is simple. This can be done in a few clicks and the bill will be added to your next payment.

Tails.com Delivery Updates


Calculate your dog's individual pricing using the online creator. Roy weighs 8kg and gets a 2kg delivery every month,  this costs just £13.45 including delivery, making it just 45p per day. I think that it is great value for money.

Tails.com Nutritional Information


  • Custom food to your dogs requirements
  • Delivered to your door monthly
  • Adjust the delivery date depending if you are short or have plenty left
  • Add additional treats and wet food to your order in a matter of clicks
  • Great value for money - just 45p per day (based on a pug)
  • 14-Day free trial offer


  • UK Delivery only at the moment
Tails.com Food Closeup
Tail.com Dog Food Review Summary

Tails.com Dog Food Review Summary

Roy has been having Tails dog food for the last 9 months and still goes mad when his food arrives every month. Roy weighs 8kg so has 2 x 3D scoops every day. 9 months down the line his still enjoys it as much as ever and we know as owners, he is getting the right about of nutrition and the correct portion size.

This is backed up by 5,900 Trust Pilot reviews where they get a 5-star score of 9.6 out of 10.

Switching dog food to Tails.com

Switching your dogs food to Tails branded is easy. In your starter pack they outline the best way to change your dog's diet. We advise that all diet changes should be done gradually, over a course of five to seven days. Simply increasing the amounts of the new brand of dog food whilst decreasing the amounts of the old brand.

Start your Free 14 day trial with Tails.com

Tails is giving away a FREE two week trial of its hand-blended dog food, you just pay have to pay the £1 P&P.